Urbano Cairo supports punishing Juventus if they broke the law to set an example

The president of Torino, Urbano Cairo, has ruled on the punishment of Juventus for capital gains and insists that if they have done something wrong, the bianconeri must be sanctioned.

Juve are still one of the best clubs in the country, but the Bianconeri have been in legal trouble recently and were penalized with a 15-point deduction for deliberately using capital gains to gain an advantage.

The club has denied all wrongdoing and vowed to appeal the decision, but Cairo said they must be taught a lesson if they are wrong.

He said via Il Bianconero:

“The Juventus penalty? They are heavy situations but let’s judge that we should do it. It would be very important to try to recover football. These things are also a bad example for young people. It is important to do things fairly and sportsmanlike. I do not want to say that it was not so. But when you do these things, everything else is forgotten.”

Juve FC says

Juve is one of the biggest clubs in the world, so their employees are smart enough to know the importance of certain decisions.

The club have maintained their innocence and we hope they continue to work hard to ensure they clear their name.

For now, the players must focus on winning more games and giving joy to the fans who have been supportive despite the turbulence of the last two seasons.

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