Three Liverpool fans arrested for ‘alleged homophobic chanting’

There has been a widespread effort by many within the club to ask all Liverpool fans to stop singing a certain chant every time we play Chelsea and overall this has certainly had a positive impact.

However, it seems clear that not everyone has gotten the message as reported by BBC Sport: ‘Merseyside Police have arrested three men for alleged homophobic chants during Liverpool’s draw with Chelsea. One was arrested inside Anfield and two outside the pitch for three separate incidents.

The two incidents before and during the match show that this problem has not yet been fully eradicated, but tough action like this by the police and the club should mean that it will stop happening in the future.

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There will be plenty of our fans pointing out the abhorrent abuse we received from away fans that day in regards to the events at Hillsborough in 1989, such as they experience inside Anfield when most fans travel to visit.

This should never be a game of tit for tat, as there is no excuse for homophobic chants from anyone, at any time.

However, we as Liverpool fans should push for the same punishment to be applied to those who sing about our fans who died so many years ago, and many a match-goer today has first-hand experience of that tragic day in Sheffield. .

Hearing what the club, and in particular Kop Outs, are campaigning for in regards to LGBT+ fans in our fan base is something all of us as supporters should be hearing.

At the same time, however, we should also ask ourselves when the same punishments will be meted out for those who sing about a football tragedy, every week.

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