Premier League clubs want City verdict soon but will be disappointment

Manchester City were found to have breached Premier League financial regulations more than 100 times on Monday and the punishment for the offense could be severe, with the rest of the league’s clubs expecting a verdict soon.

After a four-year investigation, the finding was announced this week that City had breached the league’s financial rules on more than 100 occasions between 2009 and 2018, the BBC reported.

Once the findings have been reviewed, an independent commission will decide on the Manchester club’s punishment if found guilty and Premier League clubs want a verdict in the Manchester City-Premier League case before the end of the season, however , no deadline has been set.

A source told the Daily Mail it is likely to be “years” before a verdict is reached, which will be a disappointment to the rest of the league’s clubs.

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If found guilty, some potential punishments could see Man City kicked out of the Premier League, suspended or no points.

The reason the rest of the league will want clarity on the situation as soon as possible is that it also affects how they progress from here.

The revelations on Monday could be just the beginning of this storm and no one knows as of now how it will end.

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