Juventus set to lose money from TV rights if points deductions upheld

It is well known that Juventus have had a very bad time lately with the accusations they have made and the deduction of 15 points they have suffered.

In addition to dropping the table like a stone in the water, the 15-point deductions will bring even more repercussions with respect to certain streams of income.

Tuttojuve reports that the club will be affected financially through their TV money because, simply put, points equals money, the more points you accumulate, the higher you finish on the table, the more money you earn.

Juve FC says

There is no doubt that the punishment handed down will have a general effect, it affects more than television money, the deduction of points could leave European participation without and that could cause us to lose up to 100 million euros, although that would come soon. away in the Champions League.

The sponsors won’t be happy either and there is a good chance there will be clauses in various deals, that means less money if the club fails to qualify for Europe and of course some players may want to go without continental football.

Having said that, we still have one way open to put everything back in order and that is to win the Europa League, which gives you Champions League football, which keeps the players and sponsors happy.

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